More Scenes from Salem Heights

Sisters and staff enjoyed many events these past few months.

Right, Father Steve Dos Santos poses with his cake. The Sisters celebrated Father Steve in June as he left Dayton to start his new ministry at St. James the Less in Columbus, Ohio. They presented Father with a gift card to a local Columbus restaurant; Cristen Allen photo. Bottom row, from left, Sisters and staff planned a Council Appreciation Mass and dinner for the outgoing Council in June. Pictured are the gifts and some of the items on the menu, in the serving line; Michelle Bodine and Brenda Gabbard photos. Sister Patty Kremer poses with her “Thank you” cake and gifts. Sisters and staff planned a “Thank you party” in July for Sister Patty as she moves on from serving as Coordinator of CPPS Community at Salem Heights to a new chapter in her life; Michelle Bodine photo. Sister Joyce Ann Zimmerman gave two presentations in September, titled “Our Life of Self-giving.” Both were recorded and posted on the Precious Blood Spirituality Institute’s website:; screenshot of video.

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