Meet our new Vocation Ministry Coordinator

The Congregation recently welcomed Teri Iverson to the role of vocation ministry coordinator.

Iverson grew up in Valley City, North Dakota. She was active in her faith as a member of the Lutheran church, serving throughout her school years as a choir member, lector, usher, Vacation Bible School helper, youth group president and more. She was also very involved in SEARCH, a Catholic peer-led retreat program.

“SEARCH was very influential in my faith journey and where I first felt stirrings about joining the Catholic Church. The more I learned, the more I was enamored,” Iverson said. “In fact, I chose my college, Concordia College — a private Lutheran liberal arts college — in hopes it would ‘cure’ me of wanting to become Catholic. It did not!” She completed RCIA and joined the Catholic Church at Easter Vigil in 1989.

Iverson earned a B.A. in psychology and a B.A. in mass communications and went on to serve as a youth minister for the next three decades, at St. John the Evangelist in Grafton, North Dakota; St. Joseph in Moorhead, Minnesota; St. Benedict of Wild Rice in Horace, North Dakota; and St. John the Baptist in Tipp City, Ohio.

“It was a fabulous 30 years, and I enjoyed so much of ministry — especially service opportunities and summer mission trips. I loved watching all the students grow in their faith and realizing how fortunate they are,” Iverson said.

Most recently, she managed a local retail store but said she missed serving in a ministry role. “I missed being surrounded by faith-filled people, and I missed feeling like I was making a difference,” she said. “I prayed for God to make the path clear; I prayed for the Holy Spirit to lead me where I was supposed to go; and I prayed to have the courage to follow. And here I am!”

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