Letter to the Editor

I read with great interest your opening letter in the most recent edition of Sharing & Caring. I was most pleased to read your comment about younger priests seeking to celebrate liturgy the old way, i.e., in Latin and backs to the wall. As a convert, I never knew the pre-Vatican II liturgy. What a great comment and I heartily agree with Sister Edna.

Reading the rest of the publication, I see what marvelous work the Sisters are doing around the country and caring for our planet. The articles on EVs and “The Front Porch” show me how vital your ministries and work continue to be.

Our good friend Sister Vera Heile attended many of our Dignity/Dayton liturgies, and her passion for revoking the death penalty was infectious. We knew Vera made things happen. And, she was a Precious Blood Sister.

It has been said that “the Nuns will Save the Church” … keep throwing out the life preservers, Sisters!

Richard Young and Robert Butts
Kettering, OH

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