In Sympathy

We offer sympathy and prayer to Sisters of the Precious Blood and friends who experienced the death of a loved one.

Carol Trainor-Eyerman, former Sister Mary Rose Ellen, died May 26.

Sister Edna Hess on the death of her brother, Carl Hess, on May 29.

Sister Ritamary Bulach (deceased) on the death of her brother-in-law, Tom Schneider, on May 30.

Deacon David Klingshirn died June 10.

Sister Barbara Jean Backs (deceased) on the death of her sister, Joan Wenning, on July 1.

Father Clarence Williams, CPPS, died July 8.

Father William Delaney, CPPS, died July 31.

Sister Mumbi Kigutha on the death of her sister, Njoki Kigutha-Kiragu, on Aug. 14.

JoAnne Dole, the Congregation’s health and wellness coordinator, on the death of her sister, Judy Reilly, on Aug. 20.

Julie Brinkman Rivas, a former member, died Aug. 20.

Sister Terry Maher on the death of her former brother-in-law, Daniel Young, on Aug. 22.

Father James McCabe, CPPS, died Aug. 27.

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