Fair Week at Salem Heights

Kim Jaynes, activity coordinator, organized Fair Week for the Sisters in August. The Sisters enjoyed a petting zoo with farm animals, a carnival and a magician!

Top row, from left, Kim holds her card, with magician “The Amazing Cindini”; the rabbit in the hat; Sisters enjoy petting the rabbit; Cristen Allen photos. Second row, from left, Sister Juliana Wuur pets a pony; Sister Jeanette Buehler pets the dog; Sister Lou Ann Roof and Cristen Allen feed a duck; third row, from left, Sister Katie Lett with the dog; Sister Rosemary Goubeaux pets a pony; Sister Laura Will picks her prize; fourth row, from left, Kim at the snack table; Sister Jane Francis Hoffman, with Sister Judy Kroeger, plays bottle ring toss; Sister Genny Volk, with Sister Linda Pleiman, plays pingpong ball toss; Michelle Bodine photos.

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