A Summer of Celebration – Celebrating the journey ahead

Sisters of the Precious Blood were blessed with a joyous summer! We honored our Sister Jubilarians, welcomed and affirmed the commitment of our newest Sisters, and looked to the future with hope and faith as we elected and installed a new leadership team. Celebrate with us!

The Sisters of the Precious Blood elected a new leadership team during the recent Assembly, held June 26-30. Every four years, Sisters travel to Dayton to take part in the weeklong congress.

During Assembly, members of the Congregation reflect on and re-examine their mission, and their past and present, and invite the Holy Spirit to continue to lead them into the future.

“… Jesus did not give his followers a series of commandments, statutes and ordinances to show them how they were to relate to God and how they were to live as a community. Rather, the new covenant established by Jesus has only one commandment: as I have loved you, love one another,” said Sister Joyce Lehman, speaking during Sister Juliana Wuur’s first profession of vows.

“Our Precious Blood spirituality and our covenant of love with the God who calls us are made concrete in the invitation of the second reading [Ephesians 2:13-20]. We are called to bring into one, through the Blood of Christ, those who are near and those who are far off. We are no longer a chosen people; rather, all people are invited to participate in the covenant. … In the midst of our struggles, we are to remember to work toward unity, to create a covenant community.”

The new leadership team was formally installed on July 30 during a Mass at Salem Heights. The team is composed of Sister Joyce Lehman, president; Sister Judy Kroeger, vice president; and Sisters Ann Clark, Marla Gipson and Terry Walter, councilors.

Sister Joyce previously served as president from 2011 to 2019. Sisters Ann Clark and Marla Gipson served as Councilors during the previous four-year term, beginning in 2019, and Sister Judy Kroeger previously served as Councilor from 1991-1999.

— Story by Mary Knapke

Top, the opening song of the Installation ceremony; second, after Sister Joyce gives the Pledge of Commitment, Sister Edna Hess presents her with the Symbol of Office, The Crucifix; third, Councilors give the Pledge of Commitment; fourth, formal photo of the President and Councilors; Michelle Bodine photos.

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