Scenes from Salem Heights

Kim Jaynes, activity coordinator, organized Fair Week for the Sisters during the week of August 21. The Sisters enjoyed a petting zoo with farm animals, a carnival and Buck the Magic Cowboy!

Left, top, Sister Laura Will watches the goats; Sheena McCormick photo. Left, middle, Sister Rosemary Goubeaux pets a pony; Sarah Aisenbrey photo. Left, bottom, Buck the Magic Cowboy does magic tricks with Sister Jane Francis Hoffman; right, top, Sister Marla Gipson watches Sister Regina Albers play the duck pond game; Cristen Allen photos. Right, middle, Kim Jaynes watches Sister Eva Roehrich play the disk game; right, bottom, Sisters Deb Huss and Rosemary Goubeaux pick their prizes from the prize table; Michelle Bodine photos.

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