Scenes from Salem Heights

1) February 9 — Because our Sisters living at Salem Heights have been in quarantine for the past year, they are still able to gather together for activities, prayer, meals and, occasionally, even special events like the Nifty Nineties party. Sisters in their 90s recently celebrated together — including Sister Laura Will (M. Clarus), a newcomer to the exclusive club who turned 90 last summer. Sister Eleanor McNally (M. Thomas) gets a special pass to the party, though she’s not in her 90s — she turned 102 in December. From left, Sisters Pat Dieringer (M. Agnes Claire), Laura Will, Nancy Wolf (Lisa Marie) and Ruth Ann Meyer (M. Giovanni). Sister Maryann Bremke photo

2) February 11 — Precious Blood Sisters and staff members were grateful to receive their first and second doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. A total of 90 vaccines were given to all Sisters at Salem Heights, as well as any interested Sisters in the Dayton area. All employees and the priests who minister at Salem Heights were also included. Thank you to Sister Judy Kroeger for her determination in getting Salem Heights on an official list for vaccine distribution. From left, Sister Nancy Wolf, JoAnne Dole and Sister Eleanor McNally. Contributed photo

3) February 16 — The Sisters at Salem Heights enjoyed a Mardi Gras celebration with word games, puzzles and slices of King Cake. Sister Helen Weber (M. Herbert) was crowned the Mardi Gras queen after finding the baby Jesus in the cake. Kim Jaynes photo

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