Rotunda Display at Salem Heights

Every spring, the CPPS Archives puts up a display for the Sisters to enjoy in the second-floor rotunda of Salem Heights, our central house in Dayton. Past displays included the lives of Mother Brunner and Father Brunner; artwork made by Sisters; and publications written by Sisters. The current display features drawings by Sister Eileen [M. Cephas] Tomlinson of the Sisters’ first Ten Foundations in the United States. A binder put together by Sisters Maryann Bremke and Noreen Jutte accompanies the display. It features printouts of a PowerPoint presentation Sister Maryann gave on the Ten Foundations in 2019 marking the 175th anniversary of the Sisters of the Precious Blood in the United States.

Story and photos by Sarah Aisenbrey

Top, the rotunda at Salem Heights has display cases on both sides of the entrance to the library; second, illustrations by Sister Eileen Tomlinson of Minster and Egypt, Ohio — part of the first ten foundations; third, the binder put together by Sisters Maryann Bremke and Noreen Jutte.

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