Mount St. Joseph University receives gift from Sisters of the Precious Blood

Mount Director of Mission Integration Sister Karen Elliott’s religious community, the Sisters of the Precious Blood, have made a significant monetary gift to Mount St. Joseph University. The gift supports the University’s providing additional staffing and increased programming for the evolving Mission Ambassadors Program, as the number of mission ambassadors increases with each incoming freshman class. The Office of Mission Integration, under Sister Karen’s leadership, administers the Mission Ambassadors Program, which is now in its second year.

“In alignment with our mission, the Sisters of the Precious Blood are honored to further the mission of Mount St. Joseph University through supporting the Mission Ambassadors Program,” said Sister Margo Young, of the Sisters of the Precious Blood Leadership Team. “We believe it is essential to engage with and mentor young people in their faith development and encourage their service to others, motivated by concern for the common good.”

“I am filled with gratitude to the Sisters in my community for their tremendous support, generosity and prayer,” said Sister Karen. “The monetary gift will provide us with support for three years to make our Mission Ambassadors a robust program that is transformative for our University. The trust of my Sisters and their belief in and support of the ministry of mission is an inspiration that will forever remain in my heart. I give thanks to God for the support of the Sisters of the Precious Blood both in prayer and in finances.”

Michelle Arnold, assistant director of mission integration, also weighed in on this impactful event. “I am so thankful for the generosity that the Sisters of the Precious Blood have shown the Mount with this gift. I am humbled by their faith in the Office of Mission Integration to not only live the mission of the university through the work of the mission ambassadors, but also the missions of both the Sisters of Charity and the Sisters of the Precious Blood,” she said. “I am blessed every day to work with one of the amazing Sisters of the Precious Blood, and through her friendship, I have met several other Sisters in her community. I am profoundly grateful for the gift of friendship, prayer and treasure that the Sisters of Sister Karen’s community have shared with us. Most of all, I am truly thankful for Sister Karen, as a friend, and as a leader and true believer in what we can accomplish with the mission ambassadors.”

Story by University Communications, Mount St. Joseph University; contributed photo

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