UD scholarship recipients visit Salem Heights

Top, from left, Benjamin Bingamon, Lindsey Bronder, Sierrah Howard, Stefani Giegucz, Itzel Fenton, Caroline Matteson, Annie Burgess; bottom, students talk with Sisters during the reception. Jenna Legg photos

Several students from the University of Dayton, as well as faculty and staff members, recently visited Salem Heights to meet Sisters and learn more about the Congregation. The students were just some of the 22 recipients of the Sisters of the Precious Blood Scholarship this year.

An anonymous donor made a contribution establishing the endowed scholarship fund in honor of the Sisters of the Precious Blood in 2017. The scholarships are need- and merit-based, and assist students in education, music and pastoral ministry.

During the Jan. 24 reception, Sister Maryann Bremke gave a presentation detailing the Congregation’s identity and mission, and students, faculty and Sisters had time to visit in small groups. The students visiting Salem Heights were:

  • Benjamin Bingamon, middle childhood education
  • Lindsey Bronder, secondary Catholic religion education
  • Catherine Burgess, early childhood education
  • Itzel Fenton, music therapy
  • Stefani Giegucz, intervention specialist
  • Sierrah Howard, music
  • Caroline Matteson, intervention specialist

In student profiles provided by the University, the recipients described the scholarship’s impact on them. A few of the comments include:

✥ “Though my mind was already set on completing my goals in school, this gives me an extra sort of ‘push’ to continue, because I know someone out there cares enough about my success to invest in me.”

✥ “You didn’t just help me towards finishing my degree but you are helping me make a difference. I will now be able to become a teacher and help many students’ lives.”

✥ “In May 2020, I will become a first-generation college graduate, and if it weren’t for generous donors like you, I may not have had this chance at all.”

✥ “It is because of you that I am able to attend UD, and I am so happy that I do.”

✥ “This scholarship has genuinely changed my life.”

The students were joined at the reception by Mary Lou Andrews, assistant dean of the School of Education and Health Sciences; Connie Bowman, chair of the teacher education department; Julia Randel, chair of the music department; and Valerie Mershimer-Mohr, director of donor relations.

Story by Mary Knapke

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