Congregation welcomes new staff members

In November, Sarah Aisenbrey joined the staff as CPPS archivist, charged with maintaining the Congregation’s historical records and artifacts. She continues to collaborate with Sister Noreen Jutte, who retired last year after serving as archivist for over two decades.

A graduate of Carroll High School, Aisenbrey was working as an archivist in Newark, Ohio, but returned to the area to be closer to family. A lifelong love of history led her to major in history as an undergraduate student and then complete the graduate program in public history, both at Wright State University. She has a particular interest in learning about abolitionists during the Civil War era and also enjoys movies and genealogy. She said her interest in history stems from curiosity about personalities and people — “learning about why people made certain decisions and what influenced them.”

As she continues to settle into her new role with the Congregation, Aisenbrey said she is looking forward to the future: “learning more about the Sisters and their history and why they decided to be here. And our archives is one of the best places, other than talking to the Sisters themselves, to learn their ‘why’ and hear their stories.”

“I’m really happy here,” she added. “Everyone is so welcoming. Everyone just really wants you to succeed.”

In December, JoAnne Dole came on board as the Congregation’s health and wellness coordinator. Dole attended Badin High School and has been a registered nurse since 1985; she also has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Wright State University. Dole spent the first two decades of her career in adult critical care, including surgical/cardiac intensive care units, open heart surgery recovery units and general surgical recovery room. Most recently, she spent 12 years with Hospice of Dayton, where she worked in patient homes, in inpatient units and finally as care team coordinator. In her role with the Congregation, she will serve as a health care advocate and resource person.

“I think if you’re open to what God wants for you, you know where you’re supposed to be. And this is where I’m supposed to be,” she said. “I’ve been incredibly fortunate as a nurse that I’ve always been in service to others. And I love that. I’m thrilled that God wants to use my gifts to help the Sisters.”

Throughout her career, Dole has loved helping families and said she feels honored to have been present for patients and families as they navigate the health care system.

“What I do isn’t a job; it really is a service,” she said. “Whatever knowledge I have is truly a gift, and I have to give it back. And to be able to work with the Sisters — to use my knowledge to serve the servants of God — is really a privilege.”

Story by Mary Knapke

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