Sister Berenice enjoys a visit from former Students

In May, several of Sister Berenice (M. Edward) Janszen’s former students paid her a visit at Salem Heights. One of her visitors, Cindy Felver, writes:

Collectively, we were students of Sister Berenice during the years of 1967 – 1970. She directed two plays during our tenure at Immaculate Conception High School in Celina, Ohio. All of us in the group photo were in one or both of those productions, The King and I and My Fair Lady. She also directed Fiddler on the Roof after our classes graduated. ICHS closed its doors in the spring of 1972.

Sister Berenice was a fantastic director who brought music and culture into a small rural town surrounded by cornfields. We credit Sister B. with helping us to develop a love of the performing arts, music and also literature, as she was a superb English and composition teacher. We feel lucky to have been her students, and we are thrilled to have reconnected with her.

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