Mark Brunner, a descendant of Mother Brunner, visits Salem Heights

On September 25, Mark Brunner, the great-great-great grandson of Mother Brunner, visited Salem Heights. He attended Mass at the Chapel, enjoyed lunch with the Council and staff members, and had a tour. Highlights were a photo with the portrait of Mother Brunner in Grace Hall; the Archives, where Mark viewed the Brunner family tree and received a statuette of Mother Brunner; and a visit to Mother Brunner’s grave in the Salem Heights cemetery. In the tradition of Mother Brunner, Mark is involved with nonprofit work. He is the president of La Amistad, an organization in Cincinnati which focuses on housing for refugees and immigrants.

Mother Maria Anna Brunner, foundress of the Sisters of the Precious Blood, had six children. Her third son, Joseph John Baptist Brunner, married and had a family in Switzerland. His great-grandson, Matthias John Brunner, left Switzerland and brought his family to the United States in ca. 1881. Mark Brunner is a descendant of this line.

— Story by Sarah Aisenbrey

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