Sister Noreen Jutte retires from active ministry

On March 6, Sister Noreen Jutte retired as our CPPS archivist after almost 22 years of service to us. Her retirement was celebrated at a Mass at Salem Heights followed by a special recognition during the noon meal. Sister Noreen has been a par excellence archivist. We thank her and wish her many blessings in her retirement.

“Yes, on March 6, 2018, I retired from active ministry,” said Sister Noreen. “I have been abundantly blessed with 39 wonderful years of teaching the little ones and over 21 wonderful years as CPPS archivist. But strictly speaking, we Sisters never retire. We will always continue to be in ministry with prayer and striving to be present to God’s people. I am full of gratitude to God and to all who have supported me in my active ministries! I look forward to ‛a slower ministry.’ God be praised!”

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