Sisters to be inducted into the Sacred Heart Hall of Fame

From 1882 to 1973, 148 Sisters of the Precious Blood served at Sacred Heart Elementary and High School in Sedalia, Missouri. In 2016, the School celebrated the 75th anniversary of the High School. As a result of the energy that celebration produced, the Sacred Heart School Hall of Fame was established to recognize and honor the extraordinary accomplishments of the members of the School family. Inductees into the Hall of Fame would be honored as those who can be looked upon as legitimate role models.

For its inaugural class five individuals, three couples and the Sisters and Priests of the Precious Blood Communities will be honored. The induction will be held April 30, 2017.

Sisters served there in a variety of positions: principals, teachers, staff. Those still living remember their time at Sacred Heart with fondness. Five Sisters who served there are still living: Sister Jeanette (Paul Agnes) Buehler, Sister Virgine Elking, Sister Joyce (M. Leanne) Lehman, Sister Anna Maria Sanders and Sister Laura (M. Clarus) Will. Sister Laura ministered in the Elementary School as classroom teacher, principal and music teacher.

Story by Sister Joyce Lehman


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