The grandeur of God

Step into creation and see, touch, feel, hear the gift of God, the generosity and trust God has for humans. Take in all that is there and know the love of God. Fully absorb that love given in nature, and become one with God. Hold on to the gift and watch it flow right on through to others. United with the Creator we are “blessed” in the generative process desired by God for “filling the earth” and taming it.

Watch the clouds, hold a leaf or flower, listen to the sound of a cricket and in that minute piece of nature be awed by the gift of God. Give place to the impulse to share it. Stand on the firm earth. Dig in its soil. Drop seed there. Watch for its shell to break and a spear of life to appear. Honor the gift of sun and rain. Know the power of creation right there before your eyes. Note the beauty. Taste its fruit. Collect the seed and start all over again. Experience the multiplication of creation’s gift. Experience the Creator’s love. Step into nature and never be the same!

– Story by Sister Barbara Ann Hoying

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