Sister Jeanette Buehler receives Halo Award

2-photos_sister-jeanette-buehler-receives-halo-awardLeft, from left, Mayor Mary McDonald, Sister Jeanette Buehler and Vice Mayor Bettye L. Gales; right, Sister Jeanette with the full group of recipients; David Young photos.

On the bright sunny Saturday of May 17, four Sisters accompanied Sister Jeanette (M. Paul Agnes) Buehler to the Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church to witness and support her receiving the Halo Award. Sister Jeanette was personally selected by Mary A. McDonald, the mayor of Trotwood, to be thus awarded. In receiving this award, Sister Jeanette is designated as an “Angel in Trotwood.”

In bestowing the award, Mayor McDonald proclaimed that Sister Jeanette is being particularly honored for her leadership in the Homicide Prayer Vigils effort. McDonald acknowledged that the homicide vigil effort is only one of the many endeavors to which Sister Jeanette has applied her organizational skills and dedication for the welfare of the city of Trotwood.

In receiving the award, Sister Jeanette humbly expressed her personal appreciation. She quickly diverted the attention from herself to the commitment the Sisters of the Precious Blood have to the city of Trotwood. Her comments revolved around the concept that the Congregation is “going nowhere” — it is in fact a stable element in the city and will remain so. She remarked that the Congregational leadership encouraged her involvement in the city’s projects, which further its mission.

The afternoon included a presentation by the City of Trotwood Mayors Community Choir. The Rev. Sylvia Moseley-Robinson was the keynote speaker. Nine women of the city were given the Halo Award. Following the awards, all present were invited to a reception in the church gathering space.

Accompanying Sister Jeanette were Sisters Ceil Taphorn, Judy Niday, Joan DeChristopher and Mary Garke.

Story by Sister Mary Garke

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