Trip to Franklin Park Conservatory

4-photos_trip-to-franklinLeft, Sisters Rosemary Goubeaux, Joan DeChristopher, Eva Roehrich and Irene Holz walk through the Palm Room; second, a piano key butterfly from Central/South America; third, Sisters Nancy Recker, Joan DeChristopher and Pat Will admire the flowers; fourth, Sister Mary Ellen Lampe looks through a kaleidoscope at plants.

Eight Sisters visited “Blooms & Butterflies,” a new exhibit at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, on March 21. Located in the Pacific Island Water Garden, the exhibit features newly emerged butterflies which are released by staff during educational presentations every day. The Sisters were able to see both emerging and newly emerged butterflies before entering the garden to watch them be released.

The beautiful and exotic butterflies were from many parts of the world and not indigenous to our area. The Sisters who were wearing bright colors were delighted when some of the butterflies landed on them!

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens offers beautiful indoor and outdoor gardens. On this trip, the group visited the indoor gardens, which are separated into different regions and ecosystems of the world. The Sisters enjoyed all of the gardens and ate lunch at the Conservatory’s café, which featured some fresh items from its own gardens.

The Sisters also visited the gift shop, the art gallery, and the Chihuly Collection, a display of blown glass artwork.

Story and photos by Kim Jaynes

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