Renovated dining room dedicated at Salem Heights

2-photos_dining-hallLeft, the dedication with Sisters and staff; right, the new chairs have been added. Michelle Bodine photos

A fresh coat of paint. Touches of blue. New carpet. New window fixtures that let natural light stream in. A refreshed design, completed by the Miller-Valentine Group, brightens the dining room at Salem Heights. The renovated room was blessed and dedicated Sept. 21.

“Next to chapel, this room is the heart of this house,” Sister Joyce Lehman said during the dedication. “It is where we gather, like we do for Mass, to celebrate God’s goodness to us, to take pleasure in God’s good gifts to us and to welcome family, friends and strangers to take a meal with us.

“Meals are sacred,” Sister Joyce added, “and we pray that each meal taken here will strengthen us to do God’s will and work, will cause us to delight in God’s gifts and enable us to reach out to each other remembering those both absent and present.”

– Story by Mary Knapke

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