History of the Convent Cemetery at Maria Stein Shrine

Maria Stein Convent Cemetery started in 1878; prior to 1878, Sisters were buried in St. John’s Parish cemetery in Maria Stein. When identifying cemeteries, the words “convent” and “parish” are important when referring to Maria Stein.

Sisters came to live at Salem Heights in 1923, but the Salem Heights Cemetery was not ready until 1926. Sisters who died at Salem Heights prior to 1926 were buried in Maria Stein Convent Cemetery.

When calculating the total number of Sisters who have died and are buried in different cemetery plots, let it be remembered that in some of the early chronicles and the death register, orphan children who were buried among the Sisters are included in the number of burials in that specific cemetery.

There are 534 Sisters buried in the Maria Stein Convent Cemetery.

  • 291 Sisters were buried in the Maria Stein Convent Cemetery from 1878 to 1967.
  • 131 Sisters were buried at Gruenenwald Convent (near Cassella) from 1853 to 1923; their remains were transferred to Maria Stein Convent Cemetery in November 1951.
  • 58 Sisters were buried at Mary’s Home in Jay County, Indiana, from 1864 to 1918; their remains were transferred in July 1940.
  • 52 Sisters were buried in Himmelgarten Convent (near St. Henry) from 1852 to 1911; their remains were transferred in July 1931.
  • One Sister was buried in Temple, Texas, in 1890; her remains were transferred in 1899.
  • One Sister was buried at Collegeville, Indiana, in 1902; her remains were transferred in 1947.

– Story by Sister Noreen Jutte; Mary Knapke photo

dsc_7565A monument dedicated to the Sisters whose bodies were transferred from the Gruenenwald Cemetery.

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