In sympathy

We offer sympathy and prayer to the following Sisters of the Precious Blood who have recently lost family members to death.

Sister Marita Beumer on the death of her brother-in-law, Fred Rose, Aug. 11
Sister Patty Kremer on the death of her sister, Joanne, Sept. 16


Sheree Neumann (benefits specialist) on the death of her husband Fred, Oct. 16.
Jerry Schmitmeyer, brother of our deceased Sister Dorothy Schmitmeyer, Oct. 26
Mary Rita Fischbach, sis­ter of deceased Sister Vivian Hageman, Oct. 24
Deceased Sister Angela Therese Ballard’s sister, JoAnne
Kathleen Hueing, sister of deceased Sister Evelyn Mon­nin, July 29
Mary Arkenberg, formerly Sister Ann Bernadine
Beverly Nay, formerly Sister M. Nola, Aug. 8
James Monnin, brother of deceased Sister Teresa Mon­nin and former Sister M. Lucy Monnin, Sept. 4
Janice Huelskamp, sister-in-law of Sisters Luella and Alma Huelskamp, Sept. 26


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