Scenes from Salem Heights

3-photos_scenes-from-salem-heights_mardi-grasMardi Gras: the Sisters celebrated Mardi Gras with games and slices of King Cake. Left, Sister Verlina Mescher was crowned the Mardi Gras queen after finding the baby Jesus in the cake, shown with Sisters Lou Ann Roof and Berenice Janzsen. Center, Sisters Laura Will, Ann Merkle, Catherine Nader and Ellie McNally play a game. Right, Kim Jaynes serves King Cake to Sisters Rosalie Kastner, Eva Roehrich, Barbara Jean Backs, Bernice Krieg and Verlina Mescher. Michelle Bodine photos

3-photos_scenes-from-salem-heights_africaAfrica: the Sisters learned about Sister Pat Dieringer’s trip to Africa last Fall. Left, from left, Sisters Rosalie Kastner, Pat Dieringer, Verlina Mescher and Lou Ann Roof enjoy African gingerbread cookies, with tea and coffee from Africa. Center, the table displayed photos while African music played. Right, Sisters Laura Will and Catherine Nader enjoy the cookies and beverages. Dave Eck photos

2-photos_scenes-from-salem-heights_st-patricks-daySt. Patrick’s Day: green was the dominant color March 17 for St. Patrick’s Day. Left, Sisters Ellie McNally, Kathleen Kelly and Katie Lett greeted Sisters and staff for lunch, singing When Irish Eyes are Smiling. Right, Sisters Nadine Kaschalk, Laura Will, Catherine Nader, Lou Ann Roof, Berenice Jansen and Ellie McNally playing games. Kim Jaynes photos

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