Congregational offices move to administration building

2-photos_generalate_constructionLeft, converting a garage into a storage area; right, the ground floor of the Congregational Administrative Office building during construction.

DAYTON – The Generalate, the Dayton building housing the Sisters of the Precious Blood council, was recently renovated to accommodate several additional congregational offices.

Living space in the upper level of the building was converted to offices for congregational councilors, while office space in the basement was renovated to create additional office space. The congregation’s communications, finance and vocations offices were relocated to the Generalate from Salem Heights, which is being repurposed into apartments.

Bringing the offices and council into the same building creates a true administrative center, said Precious Blood Sister Linda Pleiman, a congregational councilor who was responsible for the project.

Cole & Russell were the architects and Miller-Valentine Group was the general contractor the project. The same firms are leading the Salem Heights repurposing. The budget for the Generalate project was $210,000.

Highlights of the project include converting the 2-car garage into storage space, the creation of a rear entrance to the building, the construction of a handicapped-accessible restroom on the first floor, construction of a ramp, and the conversion of several bedrooms to offices. The living room was converted to a conference room and new lighting and carpeting were installed in the building. The parking lot was enlarged to accommodate the additional employees who moved into the structure.

The three Sisters living in the building moved to other housing. The renovation began in late February and was completed at the end of April.

– Story by Dave Eck; photos by Michelle Bodine

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