Ongoing outreach in our vocations ministry

One of my favorite things to do is get out with the people and promote both vocations and the Sisters of the Precious Blood. In February, I had many opportunities to do that, and while it was sometimes difficult to be away from family, there were so many blessings as well.

In early February, CPPS sponsored the Exchange Conference. Exchange is put on by the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM) and this year was held in Dallas. I set up a table of our materials, but much of my time was spent interacting and networking with other youth ministers and ministry professionals. I met some wonderful people and made connections that would prove useful later in the month. While I was at Exchange, I received word that I was accepted as the member area coordinator for the Lake Erie/Ohio River region of the National Religious Vocation Congress, the national professional organization. The leadership position means that I, along with the other coordinator, will organize and lead the area meetings two or three times per year and assist with the National Congress that is held bi-annually. I’m excited to take on this role, as I believe it will only assist me in becoming a better vocation minister.

In mid-February, we exhibited at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress that was held in Anaheim. Since there were 14,000+ people in attendance, I spent all of my days talking with people and getting our information and giveaways into the hands of people. It was definitely worth the time and effort, as there were many people who hadn’t heard of our Congregation. It was nice to be able to let them know that we have Sisters living and ministering in the area. Following my time at the LA RE Congress, I traveled to Redlands, California, to spend some time with our Sisters there. It was wonderful to get to know Sisters Margo, Terry and LaKesha better! I was able to visit Sisters Terry and LaKesha at their places of work and all of the locations where Sister Margo had ministered.

While I was in Redlands, Sister Margo and I met with the youth program coordinator for the Diocese of San Bernardino regarding vocations, what we can do to collaborate together, and how we can work together to promote vocations to religious life within the diocese. She seemed very open to working with us, so it was time well spent. One of my goals/dreams is to hold vocations events in the locations where we currently have Sisters already ministering.

In between trips, I’ve been continuing to correspond with women who inquire about religious life, working with a few women who seem like they may be a good fit for our Community and continuing to learn and grow in this new ministry. I also accompanied Jen Morin-Williamson, the Congregation’s peace, justice and ecology coordinator, to a couple of schools to assist with her Laudato Si and Laudate Deum presentations. It’s always fun for me to be amongst students!

As we move into summer, much of my time will be spent working with the women who have expressed a greater interest in going deeper. Please pray for their discernment!

— Story by Teri Iverson

Top, Teri at a conference in February; contributed photo. Bottom, the vocations table; Teri Iverson photo.

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