Media Coverage 2020

Our Sisters are often featured in local and national news organizations. Links to those articles are posted here.

Inland Catholic Byte – March 6, 2020
An article titled On the Holiness of the Laity written by Sister Mary Garascia for their Journey toward holiness series.

Global Sisters Report – February 20, 2020
A reflection by Sister Jeanette Buehler about homicides in Dayton, adapted for this article from her original post in August 2019.

Global Sisters Report – February 3, 2020
Sisters LaKesha Church and Mumbi Kigutha, along with Jenna Legg (vocation ministry coordinator), are featured in an article about recruiting younger women for consecrated life.

The Daily Standard – January 31, 2020
An article about Sister Joyce Ann Zimmerman winning the 2020 Berakah award.

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