PBSI Board Meets to Dream and Plan

The Board of Directors of the Precious Blood Spirituality Institute (PBSI) gathered for our first annual planning retreat. The Board members represent the three sponsoring congregations, the Sisters of the Precious Blood-Dayton, the Adorers of the Blood of Christ and the Missionaries of the Precious Blood  This new collaborative ministry was created to coordinate the efforts of the congregations to share our unique charisms as facets of the universal gift of a spirituality of the Precious Blood.

Our planning process focused around these two questions: What is the fruitfulness and success of PBSI that we hope we will see 5 years from now? To begin to realize that vision, what are the priorities for our first year?

We had an engaging and enthusiastic discussion in which we fearlessly articulated a bold vision of a dynamic ministry and a hopeful dream of how we will be a catalyst for renewal and reconciliation. Bringing together the shared efforts of our members and associates, we want to foster communion in a fractured Church. We want to be a motivator for solidarity with the marginalized of society and coordinate an active and compassionate response to their needs.  Through our partnership with Catholic Theological Union and as a resource to our international membership we will have a worldwide impact.

I share just two of our first year priorities. We recognize that a spirituality of the Precious Blood is multifaceted and through the unique contribution of our founders, different charisms or expressions of the spirituality have flourished. One goal for this first year will be to foster a greater awareness and appreciation of these uniques charisms and through dialogue begins to weave a tapestry that fashions an articulation of Precious Blood spirituality.

A second priority is that we want to bring the healing power of the Blood of Christ to fractured Church. We will develop a program for pastors and parochial staffs that offers them both spiritual support and practical tools for parochial ministry in these difficult ecclesial times.

A final and important part of our gathering was the opportunity for the Board to meet and work with Vicky Otto. Vicky has accepted the position of Executive Director and she will formally begin in this position on the Feast of the Precious Blood (July 1). We used time at this gathering to dialogue about the desired working relationship and some practical concerns as she transitions into her position. We ended the retreat in prayerful gratitude for our time together and by blessing and commissioning Vicky as our newest partner in this ministry.

The Board of Directors is comprised of 2 representatives appointed by the three member congregations. The Precious Blood Sisters of Dayton appointed Sr. Karen Elliott, CPPS and Phil Hartke, their Director of Finance. The Adorers of the Blood of Christ appointed Sr. Diana Rawlings, ASC and Sr Maria Hughes, ASC. The Missionaries of the Precious Blood appointed Fr. David Kelly, CPPS and Sr Joni Belford, CPPS, a Precious Blood Sister of O’Fallon. As Interim Executive Director, Fr. Bill Nordenbrock, CPPS is an ex officio Board member until he will be replace by Vicky Otto when she takes office. The Board of Directors met for the first time in December and will meet quarterly going forward and will meet with the Members (Presidents of the 3 congregations) annually.

By Bill Nordenbrock, CPPS, PBSI Interim Executive Director

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