Su Casa Center honors CPPS

The congregation was honored for its commitment to Hispanic/Latino communities here and abroad.

“The Sisters of the Precious Blood were recognized because of the great work they do for the Hispanic/Latino immigrant community in this region and throughout Latin and South America,” said Steve Feldmann, spokesman for Su Casa. “They have been outstanding supporters of Su Casa, especially with the commitment shown by Sr. Mary Wendeln.”

The Sisters of the Precious Blood maintain actively minister to the Hispanic and Latino communities in Cincinnati, Dayton and in the northern reaches of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. They teach religion classes and help prepare young adults for confirmation. They help with cultural transition, assist immigrants in obtaining their legal rights, and, even, undertake simple tasks such as grocery shopping.

More importantly, the Sisters pray for those who are seeking justice, safety and security for their families and themselves.

Nearly 20 Sisters of the Precious Blood attended the awards ceremony. Previous recipients of the award include Procter and Gamble, and the Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati USA.

Story by Dave Eck


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