Opportunity to Show Support for Sisters

For nearly 170 years, the Sisters of the Precious Blood have been in the United States serving God and the church, ministering and being Christ to others. While they have historically served as educators, Sisters of the Precious Blood today work in a variety of ministries, including pastoral administration, counseling, management and medicine.

Through it all, the sisters have remained devoted to the Precious Blood of Jesus and inspired by his redeeming love for humankind. They continue to be a life-giving, reconciling presence in our fractured world.

In the wake of recent developments, Sisters of the Precious Blood, like sisters from other congregations in the United States, have received overwhelming support from people who have been influenced by them and recognize their work. We are grateful for that support. Those who wish to publicly show their appreciation of the Sisters of the Precious Blood or want to share stories of how the sisters touched their lives are welcome to post comments on our Facebook page. Click here to post your comment (you must have a Facebook account to post comments).

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