Brunner Literacy Center Celebrates its First G.E.D. Graduate

Joseph Thomas, an April G.E.D. recipient, is the first client of the Brunner Literacy Center to achieve this status. Tutors and mentors gathered on April 3 to congratulate and celebrate with the new grad. It was just one year ago in April that Joseph first came to the BLC asking for assistance in reaching his goal. His two daughters attend Mother Brunner School and Joseph had learned about the literacy center through a flyer his children brought home.

Joseph saw an opportunity and took advantage of it. He has worked weekly with two tutors, Carole and her husband John Muhlenkamp. Tutor and client efforts through the year resulted in significant progress. By early February Sisters Helen and Maryann, Co-Directors of the Brunner Literacy Center, judged that Joseph was ready to attempt a G.E.D and arranged for a pretest. Results indicated that Joseph was indeed ready.

After last-session touch-ups Joseph was urged to sign up for the G.E.D. test. He came through with flying colors as his scores far exceeded the minimum requirements. We are happy for Joseph and wish him all the best in reaching, what he tells us, are now his college goals.

Story by Sister Maryann Bremke

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