Sister Edna Hess

sr-edna-hess_img_6453My present ministry consists of companioning 14 clubs of senior citizens of the Parish Our Lady of the Precious Blood in their multiple activities during the year. Some of their activities include receiving the sacrament of the sick after Easter, a bean soup lunch in solidarity with the poor in August, a pilgrimage to the shrine of Saint Teresa of the Andes in September, celebrating the day of the senior citizen in October as well as offering a show where they sing, dance or recite poetry for their family and friends, and a picnic in a park on the outskirts of the city in November, as well as an afternoon retreat each semester. What a marvelous opportunity to receive the wisdom of these seniors.

In addition to this ministry I also participate with Sisters Maria Luisa, Noemí and Rita in our ministry to groups dedicated to the spirituality of the Precious Blood. Some are members of the parish where we live and work, others are from other places where we worked previously, one group consists of former members. We also work with the Missionaries of the Precious Blood and the Chilean Sisters of the Precious Blood (a native congregation) in preparing activities for laity who share our spirituality.

Lastly the three congregations are trying to implement circles of reconciliation and I am helping to prepare circle keepers along with Father Humberto Jaña and several laity. May the Lord bless this new birth!

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