Sisters of the Precious Blood

A Sisterhood of Faith, Making a Difference in the World

Sisters of the Precious Blood are active instruments of positive change in the world. Inspired by the eternally redemptive gift of Christ's blood, shed for us on the Cross, we are firmly rooted in Eucharistic prayer and serve as witnesses to God's love for all people. We are a dynamic religious community composed of women — young and old — from all walks of life that possess a myriad of talents and a sincere devotion to serving God through prayerful service to our sisters and brothers around the world who need us.

A Note to Our Visitors
You will see the acronym "C.PP.S." used throughout our website. It's an abbreviation of the Latin terminology that describes our Precious Blood congregation: Congregatio Pretiosissimi Sanguinis (Congregation of the Most Precious Blood).

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